Michail Kamberov

Born 1952 Sofia, Bulgaria.

Education: Academy of fine arts - Sofia.

1993 - An honoured member of the General Assembly of the Autumn Salon in Paris;
1995 - An honoured member of the International Academy for modern art in Belgium;
Awarded with the greatest award - the orded "CAVALIER";
Winner of "GOLDEN PALM" and a silver medal;
Since 1997- An honoured member of the Europian art panel of the National Art Federation of France and an artist of the Europian Community;
Participation in the Salon of Prestige of International modern art in Marsellie-1998.600 works from 16 countries are exhibitet.He wins First Award for Painting.
Participation in the Salon of Prestige in Mulen de Orgon in May 1998 - awarded with golgen medal and GRAND PRIX award
Participation in the Salon of Prestige in Arl in 1998 - golden medal;
Participation in the 100-yearly Autumn Saloon in Paris-November 2003.Between the all 900 partcipans,he was in the 58-th selected artists who give the tendency of world arts for 2004.
Participation in exhibition in Shamon-France-January 2004,
2004-Awarded with the greatest title "Doctor Honoris Causa" in art of The International Academy for Contemporary Arts in the World and he was awarded with golden medal.
2004- Awarded with title "Officer" of The International Academy of Contemporary Art.
2004- Participation in the "International competition in art" of National Federation of Culture in France.Awarded with golden medal.
2004- Awarded by "Rubi's price of France.
2004- Awarded by "Artist number One in Europe" price for explicit creative perception , good tehnique, rich composition, elegant expressive means.
2004- Awarded by "Golden canvas" for 2002-2003 for the whole creation by the French National Federation of Culture equal to "Oskar" in the cinema.
2004- Nominated for "Merid and devotion to France" award.
From 1990-2003 - personal exhibition in:
Japan - Tokio - "Nakama" and "Takashimaya";
Germany - Berlin,Keln, Munchen, Frankfurt, Austria - Wien, Great Britain - London; France - Paris, Switzerland:"Participation in the Fair of Arts in Bazel.