Miroslav Masin

Miroslav Masin was born in 1963. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje in 1988. Member of DLUM (Macedonian Association of Fine Artists) from 1988. In the year of 2000 and 2001 he was the president of the same association. Study Stay in Great Britain, France and Cszesh Republic. 
Address: Ul. 1257 br. 2, n.Jurija - G. Petrov, 1000 Skopje, R. Macedonia; 
Studio (++389) 02 20 37 222; 

Gallery of the Youth Center "25th May", Skopje; 
Gallery "Art Kompas", Skopje 
Cultural Center "Grigor Prlicev", Ohrid 
Gallery "Labina", Ohrid (with P. Uroshevic)

1990 Gallery "Zograf", Skopje (with P. Uroshevic)
1991 Macedonian National Theatre, Skopje
Gallery "Most", Belgrade (YU)
1992 Cultural Information Center, Skopje
Cultural Center "Grigor Prlicev", Ohrid
Art Gallery Kumanovo
Art Gallery Bitola
1993 Cultural Center "Ziatovski rudar", Probistip
1994 Gallery "Ohridska Banka", Ohrid
Gallery "Stobi", Skopje
Selling Salon of the Cultural Information Center Skopje
1998 Museum of the City of Skopje, Skopje
Museum of the City of Ohrid, Ohrid 
Gallery "La Fanal" Saint Nazaire (France)
1999 Gallery "Soloartestudio" (with M. Cosentini), London (GB)
"La Chapelle Saint-Joseph des Genets", Chateau-Gontier (France) 
Gallery "La Maison Bleue", Craon (France) 
Gallery "Selekt", Skopje
2000 Selling Salon of the Cultural Information Centar, Skopje
Gallery "Colette", Mayen (France)
Gallery "Cite Internationale des arts", Paris (France)
2001 Gallery "Joska Sveshtarot", Strumica
Cultural Center "Grigor Prlicev", Ohrid
2002 Museum of the City of Skopje, Skopje
2003 Gallery "Stalbata", Sofia, Bultaria
City Gallery, Uzice, Serbia and Montenegro 
Gallery "ULUS", Belgrad, Serbia and Montenegro 
Art's Club, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France
2004 "Sudost" Gallery - Berlin (Germany)
Gallery "Marko Gregoric" Petrovac (Serbia and Montenegro) 
Small Salon - Novi Sad (Serbia and Montenegro)
2005 Gallery Sveti Stefan - (Serbia and Montenegro)

Graphic studio, MGS, Skopje
Gallery пїЅNew TempleпїЅ, Saraevo, (BIH)
Gallery пїЅMarko GregoricпїЅ, Petrovac na moru, (CG)
Youth Centre, Velika Plana, (SRB)
Gallery пїЅSvremena GalerijaпїЅ, Zrenjanin, (SRB)
Cultural Information Center, Skopje


Gallery пїЅCenterпїЅ, Podgorica, (CG)
Cultural Center пїЅGrigor PrlicevпїЅ, Ohrid


Gallery пїЅCultural CenterпїЅ, Negotino
Gallery пїЅSaturaпїЅ, Genova, Italy

  He took part in approximately 200 group exhibitions in Macedonia, Yugoslavia, Australia, Denmark, France, Bulgaria, Turkey, Germany and USA.
1985 "Traces", course for cultural animators, Berovo (with D. Isailovski
and T. Manevski)
1986 "Monkey-Human-Monkey", the Old Bazaar of Skopje
1988 "Sketches for LP", the Old Bazaar of Skopje (with D. Zdravkovic)
1991 "Reserved for Tanja B.", Cultural Information Center, Skopje
1992 "Monkey Dance", Centar of the Construction Workers, Skopje
"Chinese ldeogram-1992", Cultural Information Center, Skopje (with
D. Zdravkovic)
"Bait for People", City park, Skopje 
"Cage", Cultural Information Centar, Skopje 
"Counting" (30 bananas). City park, Skopje
1993 "What I Want to Be? a) monkey: b) man". Art Salon of the DLUM,
1994 "500000 years since our monkeyish ancestor moved from the tree
to the ground", Kocani, Ohrid and Skopje
1995 "Monkey-Man-Banana", Cultural Information Center, Skopje
1996 "Man", City ZOO, Skopje ".. .and we find it very strange", Museum of
Contemporary Art, Skopje
1997 "Miro and Emil", City ZOO, Skopje
2000 "Civilization" Chimelice (Cszesh Republic)
2002 пїЅRiver MariaпїЅ, Tipova Village (Moldavia)
2005 "Three wishes" City ZOO, Skopje
2008 "The Black Line" (with Macedonian Philharmonie) City Square, Skopje
2009 "The Red Penetration" (with Foltin) Opcanska Plovarna, Praque, Cszesh Republic
2010 Gallery "OKO", Skopje
Ehrenhalle des Rathauses, Numberg, (Germany)
2011 "The forehead on the finger" Gallery "PROGRES", Beograd (Serbia)
In 1995 he realized the video clip "Circle (monkey-human-monkey)" proпїЅduced by the MTV (Macedonian television) and "Birday" in 2003, produced by"K-15".
"Bed bug" by Mayakovski, performed by the poetic theatre "Concern and
'The Snake and the Faulty Sleepwalker Silvering in Night Games" by A.