Natasa Milovancev

Born1967 in Skopje . Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Skopje in 1993.In 1995 graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje in the class of prof.Simon Semov.In 1999/2000 she has completed her post-graduate studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, under the tutorship of Prof.Simon Semov.This exhibition is her final M.A. exam. In 1999 she attended a specialization course in Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris . She is a member of DLUM( Macedonian Artists' Association)since1994.She works as an professor assistant at the institute of Art History and Architecture Faculty of Architecture, Skopje .

Solo exhibitions:

- 1998Museum of the City of Skopje , � A View Through�, exhibition of paintings and drawings Stip , City Museum- Besisten
- 1999Prilep, Culture Center
- 2003 Skopje , Museum of the City of Skopje , M.A. project �Space Poetics�, exhibition of paintings.

Theatre design

- 1995 Assistant scenographer , play �Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead�, directed by Z. Slavenski , Drama Theater-Skopje
- 1996 Assistant scenographer , play �Amadeus� , directed by Z. Slavenski , Drama Theater-Skopje
- Scenography for the play �Dona Huana � , directed by K. Angelovski , Drama Theater-Skopje
- 1997 Scenography for the play �Faust�, directed by G.Jolevski , Drama Theater-Skopje

Awards and credits

- 1993 Special credit in the category �Final Exam�, BISTA '93-Museum of the City of Skopje
- 1995 Award for the best poster for the play �Rosencrantz and Guildestern are dead � , at the Theater Festival � Vojdan Cernodrinski�-Prilep
- 1996 Award �Lazar Licenovski � at the Fifth Winter Salon , DLUM, Art Gallery Daut Pasin Amam - Skopje