Trajce Jancevski

Trajce Jancevski was born on 29-th of January, 1928, as a third child in a common family in Kumanovo. His father, Kosta, had his own bakery (on the ground floor of the family house) where he made delicious and decorated baked dishes, loafs of bread, and his mother, Pavlina, was a housewife. The warmth of the bakery in a magic way spread on the dwellers of the house. In their home the love, humour and the family harmony dominated (which later, Jancevski brought into his own home and family, and it will be felt throughout his work up till now). This harmony provoked and contributed the creativity of all the family members on their own way, supported by the parents.

In the early childhood, Trajce develops the sense of mouldering. The beginnings will take place in the bakery, where, together with his brother and his sisters he starts learning his father's business. With his small hands he shapes and moulds the dough. The development of the creativity continues when he starts drawing with the charcoal leftovers on the flour bags, which later on become more serious sketches and portraits. His parents and the visitors of the bakery were delighted about his gift and encouraged him to continue with the painting which motivated him even more.