Biennal of Nations

The world of art is happening in Venice

 The Biennial of the Nations is an event that involves contemporary painting, sculpture, graphics, video art and ceramics art on a major world event. The aim is to make a cross-section of the trends and trends of contemporary art presented by authors from all over the world.

The painter Jordan Manasijeski is an official representative of the Macedonian contemporary painting of this year's NATIONAL BIENELLE, which takes place from March 16-19 in Venice.


  The Biennial of the Nations will be held at the prestigious Palace of the Scuola Grande di Santa Maria della Misericordia. The selection is on curators at the Biennale Francesco Saverio Rousso, Sandro Serradiflco and Salvatore Rousseau, supported by the jury. Art critics Marko Rebuzzi (Diocesan Museum Mantova), Angelo Crespi (IL Giornale OFF critic and publicist) and prof. Luca Beatrice (former curator of the Italian pavilion at the 53rd Venetian Art Biennale).

Thanks to the invitation, Manasijeski was pleased to accept the honor of being a representative of the Macedonian nation, where the work "PENDING" will be exhibited, and the Italian critic for his paintings will write "A painter whose visions lay the foundations of the new contemporary art".


As the music guests of the event are the Venice String Orchestra and the Italian music star Morgan.

The entire organization around the presentation of Manasijeski  at this year's Biennale is Art Gallery BUKEFAL which is an exclusive representative of his painting.