Jordan Manasijeski at International Bienniale Mediterraneo "MeART" in Palermo, Italy

       From 9 to 12 March held prestigious Biennale of Contemporary Art with the participation of over 600 artists from around the world. Event organized by the most renowned Italian curator for contemporary art Paolo Levi and Sandro Serradifalco in cooperation with prominent figures from the world of culture, art, photography, and design.

 A special part of the Biennale presents is "Museum LEVI."

Paolo Levi author and curator, on this fascinating cultural event presents 60 selected works by European and American authors that mark contemporary art in the early twenty-first century, among which it is selected and the work of the Macedonian painter Jordan Manasijeski.

These works will be presented in a special setting selected through an expressive exploration of contemporary art, with the criterion of museum-caliber aesthetic explicitly even subconsciously, counting them as the descendants of the content of art history.

For us it is very important the fact that the painting of Jordan Manasijeski as a representative of the Contemporary Macedonian art is highly marked excellent by Italian art critic and deservedly belong to the artist whose works have high aesthetic value and creative museum criteria.

From this event is expected to be produced print edition exclusive VIP monography that will presented these selected authors are leveled flow of new contemporary art and leave a lasting mark in the history of art.

Jordan Manasijeski be presented with the painting "Mother! Thank you for your gift "

oil painting made in 2017.