Блаже Крстаноски-Блажески

Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski Early Life 1954 Born Ohrid, Macedonia. 1974-78 Study Mechanical Engineering, Skopje, Macedonia. 1990-92 Diploma of fine art, sculpture major, National Art School, Sydney. 1994 Certificate in Sculpture (Post Technician), National Art School, Sydney 2003 Bachelor of Fine Art (Sculpture) (BFA), National Art School, Sydney. Solo Exhibition 2007 Dowling Centre Sydney, Window Sculpture Exhibition 2006 Seymour Centre, Sydney, presented by Defiance Gallery, Sydney. 2004 Resonance Gallery and Bucephal Gallery, Ohrid, Macedonia- Sculpture and Paintings. 2000 Sculpture and Paintings - Cultural information centre, Skopje, Macedonia - Hall for Culture, Ohrid, Macedonia - The peoples museum, Kusevo, Macedonia (for the Cultural education Congress) 1984-1989 Working exhibitions Sydney, Melbourne and Devonport, Tasmania 1983 Outdoor exhibitions Switzerland, Italy, France and Germany. Group Exhibitions 1996-2007 Regularly exhibit at the annual Miniature Sculpture show, Defiance Gallery, Sydney. 1996-2007 Yearly invitation to the exhibited artist at the Defiance Gallery, Newton, Sydney. 2004 Sculpture 2004 with Defiance as part of the Sydney Sculpture Festival ‘Sculpture 2004’ at Cambelltown City Bicentennial Art Gallery. 2002 Waverley Art Prize, organized by Waverley Woollahra Arts Centre. 2001 Stephanie Burns, Fine Art, Canberra. Special Awards and Achievements 2003 First Prize Award for Public Art Project/ Wolli Creek Rockdale Council. 2008 – The art work is displayed for permanent public view. 2000 Sculpture Assistant at Fox Studio, Sydney, NSW for the film ‘Moulin Rouge’. Private Commissions Since 2008 more than 30 sculptures were privately commissioned.