The world of art is happening in Venice

     The Biennial of the Nations is an event that involves contemporary painting, sculpture, graphics, video art and ceramics art on a major world event. The aim is to make a cross-section of the trends and trends of contemporary art presented by authors from all over the world.

  • Jordan Manasijeski exhibit on 1st International Triennal of Contemporary arts in Verona

    Jordan Manasijeski on the 1 st International Triennale in Italy


    From 9 to 12 June in Verona Palaexpo held one of the largest art events in Italy 1st International Triennale of Contemporary Art.

    Attended by 500 selected artists from around the world showcasing paintings, sculptures and design.

  • " Michelangelo " - for Macedonian artist Jordan Manasijeski

    On December 10th. 2015 in Palaco Cardinal Cesi in Vatican, with present of  the Italian cultur eshtablishment was large celebration for 500 years of finished sculpture "Mose" by Michelangelo Buonaroti.

    In that honor from the Italian artistic council "Studio for art critique RUSSO, Effetto arte and Serradifalco Publisher entertainment was awarded selected  contemporary artist.