• Biennal of Nations

    The world of art is happening in Venice

     The Biennial of the Nations is an event that involves contemporary painting, sculpture, graphics, video art and ceramics art on a major world event. The aim is to make a cross-section of the trends and trends of contemporary art presented by authors from all over the world.

  • Jordan Manasijeski at International Bienniale Mediterraneo "MeART" in Palermo, Italy

           From 9 to 12 March held prestigious Biennale of Contemporary Art with the participation of over 600 artists from around the world. Event organized by the most renowned Italian curator for contemporary art Paolo Levi and Sandro Serradifalco in cooperation with prominent figures from the world of culture, art, photography, and design.

  • Art of Makeski Goran

    The art of Makeski Goran are promoted by Gallery Bukefal on



    Promotions Art of Manasijeski Jordan at: 2009 Salon D'Automne Paris France,(Nominated for Gran Prix) 2010 The World Gallery of Drawings Skopje,Macedonia (Special price) 2010 'Les Grandes Etoiles de Demain"​ per JCAA, Musee du LOUVRE,France

    Promotions Art of Manasijeski Jordan at: